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Exerpta Cypria


Exerpta Cypria

From editor's preface:

Τhe papers collected and arranged in this volume, some of which were first printed between 1892 and 1895 as a supplement to the Owl, a newspaper published at Nicosia, comprise extracts and translations from books treating of Cyprus, travels, histories and others. Some of these are rare, others costly or cumbrous, and most of them are, in Cyprus at least, difficult of access. Of some too the language is not seldom a bar to comfortable and profitable study. I have tried to give translations which, while rigidly exact, will preserve something of the spirit and form of the original. The omissions are few, and generally indicated, but in no case has anything been excluded which directly concerns the island. The names of persons and places are left in the authors' spelling. To each extract is prefixed a brief note, giving a few particulars concerning the book and its writer, and the date of his visit to Cyprus.

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